Free Camping in Australia...

Travelling Australia on a budget may require some free camping along the way.

You will save money and you will be able to travel further for longer. 

Lake Hart South Australia


There are some great 24 hour stops in parkland areas offered by local councils. There are also some great free stops at reserves and out of the way places for longer stays as well. Have you ever thought of doing volunteer work and staying on site free of charge?

Free camping offers the chance to camp in the vacant site of your choice. If you are unhappy with your neighbours you can move to another site or just move on.

Some free camps may have a time limit others may be close enough to free, or a donation may be requested. Some free stops have showers and toilets others just a campfire.Free camping Australia


It is always best not to camp under trees and low lying branches, as they have been known to fall. Try and create your own shade.

You have to be set up to do free camping. It is okay for a short term stay, but if you intend to camp longer than a week you will need some of these things:-




  • Porta Potti or Bush Loo
  • Generator
  • Fridge - gas or 12volt
  • extra drinking water
  • Battery(s)
  • Solar panels
  • Camp Oven - see our "Cooking wth Camp Ovens" E-Book

    Free Camping


See our General inventory list for items you may want to take on you special trip.

One of the better books on the market is the Camps 6 book. It provides lots of great information regarding free camping or low cost camping along your way. Camps 6 offers the best camping spots, rest areas, station stays, national and state parks, country and remote caravan parks throughout Australia.

This book was called our "travel bible" for the three years we travelled. It was great to be able to check on the Camps 6 website for any updates, as the length of time of our travels meant that the book was not always up to date and we found checking for updates a useful tool.

It includes Hema Road Maps, with the campsites positioned in their approximate locations on the maps which is great for those of us who actually have a hema navigator, or use hema paper maps on your journeys.

Camping facilities at each site are depicted by symbols, including not only the standard ones for toilets, showers, power etc, but also those applicable to mobile homes, camper trailers and RVs, such as big rigs, maximum stay allowed, dump points, pets allowed and the cost.

The guide represents great value for money, especially when the cost of the book can be recouped after only a few nights camping out.


Being able to plan a trip with stopovers that are free or low cost, knowing if a pet is welcome and seeing at a glance what facilities are available, has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia.

Please support any community camp areas, you find through the Camps 6 book by spending a dollar or two in the community. By doing so, we can ensure that there continues to be more options available for travellers to choose from as we explore this great country. There are also books available on the market called Free Camping in the North of WA, Free Camping in the South of WA and Free Camping in Tasmania.

It is essential that during the school holiday periods or long weekends if you wish to free camp, that you bunker in early. Free camps are always full once school holidays start.

Free Camping











Free camping

2013 at the Calliope River rest area Queensland. 


Free Camping



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